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Online Booking System Bed Availability 

Due to our need to closely manage bed allocations to take account of the gender and age mix of members and guests, we cannot allow all beds to be available for online bookings. Also, the licence limit in each lodge is below the total number of beds. As a result of these 2 factors, at times it is not possible to use all beds in the lodges.  We must keep a small number available for the Booking Officer to manage these issues. 


This means that at some busy periods, we may have some beds available even though the online Availability shows none.

In these circumstances, members should contact the Booking Officer offline to check whether individual bookings can be taken, and also to register interest in being placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations. 

COVID-19 – Implications for Ski Club Operations 2021 Season

We are taking bookings for our three lodges for the 2021 ski season. We will be reassessing the capacity of the lodges based on current Government space density policies and will review these further if the Government changes these limitations.

If necessary due to any changed capacity, we will cancel any over-limit bookings, based on ‘Last In First Out’ (LIFO) assessed by date and time of booking, which is recorded in Club System. Depending on the circumstances we may call for volunteers to cancel bookings.

If any members wish to cancel bookings already made, our normal cancellation policy as stated in the Booking Rules will apply.

If the Directors are obliged to close a Lodge for a period because of Government or Lodge Lessor direction, or a decision by a Resort Operator to cease operations at the resort, full refunds will be made for bookings during that period.



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